Become Our Valuable Business Associate

We find a job that best suits you and also gives you an opportunity of earning from our company. We have an associate program that helps you to earn money from home.

A simple way to earn from any place without any official timing or work pressure. Just to work by your own way & at your own timing.

Associate program is a smart earning plan launched by for its associate members. It facilitates you to earn as much as you can. Any associate member of can use it and earn as much as they want by getting the candidate registered with us.

Associate program is a great way to earn incentives by uploading resumes on our website. You can earn minimum of Rs. 600/- for every joining of the candidate registered by you on the website.

Associate program

1. As become our associate, you will get a login ID account on our website with a reference number.

2. From this login ID account you can upload resume or CV of the candidates with the reference number given to you.

3. If the candidate with your reference number gets selected for the job and completes one month in job then you would get minimum Rs. 600/- as an incentive from our sides. That means for every joining through your reference number you get minimum of Rs.600/- as incentive.

So, by becoming our associate member you get a lifetime job, where you never get retired. You can work as long as you want, from your location, at your own timing and from any corner of the world.

“When you compete with a person, you only have to be as good as or better than the person to win. If you compete with yourself, there are no limitations to how good you can be”. And this proposal is exactly giving you an opportunity to you to give competition to yourself and become what you want to be.

So, association with us ensures constant flow of business and satisfaction of making future professionals.

Thanks with Regards!


*Payment of Rs. 600/- is subject to terms & conditions.

**Payment will be given only after receives commission on salary from employer.

Thanks with Regards!